Project Title : Shoot and Load — Becoming an Educated DigitalCitizen

Project Number : 2020-1-DE03-KA229-077296

Start Date : 30-11-2020

End Date :30-10-2022



Social media is present in our daily life every second. As long as we are connected via technological gadgets and the internet we are close to each other. This includes that we have access to all sorts of information, we can communicate with all kinds of people, but we can also become a target for cyber crime, bullying or other kinds of threats. We have to be aware of and careful about the negative aspects and influences that can be the effect of this 24/7 accessibility.

Since some of our private information is accessible to the world we are responsible for its security. Social media is full of fake and valueless information. While teaching our students how to prepare qualified materials, mostly videos, we aim to teach them how to recognize and judge fake news. Students will receive abilities how to evaluate all kinds of information occuring in their daily lives effectively. They will gain technical knowledge and competence to keep up with technological development that changes every day. The medium "short film" is a very popular, educative and effective way to reach people.
Therefore teaching and learning with the help of short films is very effective and attractive to teachers and young students. We can teach our students and educators how to shoot, cut, edit and render videos. After that they will make films to present social media literacy, addiction, fake news and internet security. All the films and whatever we produce will be published on the project website, Facebook, YouTube...etc. to be disseminated.

It is common knowledge that using a variety of approaches can improve students‘ attitude, attention levels and their learning. The approach we intend to apply in our project is based on using new educational methods. The goal is to increase dedication by motivating learners and inspiring them to continue learning.



The rapid developments in mobile technologies have resulted as the entry of new media in our lives. These tools provide a suitable basis, as well as the production of knowledge and the sharing of knowledge to be consumed. These social media tools can create an attractive environment for young people. According to the statistics published by Global Webindex, the social media participation rate of young people is outstanding. Young people have a high rate among the ones who have access to the internet. By sensitising all target groups, the necessary awareness of, personal interest in and attention paid to cybersecurity will be increased. By taking concrete and target group specific measures, the necessary knowledge about security conscious behaviour and a responsible approach to using information and ICT as a whole will be imparted and promoted.

Our project "Shoot and Load — Becoming an Educated Digital Citizen" aims at challenging traditional teaching methodologies and opening up to more innovative methods. For European Secondary Schools from Turkey,Greece, Portugal, Italy , Romania and Germany will work together to rethink education patterns, methods and tools. The project will be opened for students aged 14-18. Our main objectives will be to analyse the potential of new technology and open educational resources (OER) and to experiment new teaching and learning techniques to enhance the professional development of educators by innovating and increasing the quality of their training, including new teaching techniques, ICT based methodologies and the use of OER.

Short films in our project will include different topics related to social media and internet. It is equally important to teach how to use secure internet and keep social media contents and accounts safe. It has become a need to introduce the most correct tools and equipment to be selected in content production and processing, to teach how to use and to create a general culture in this regard.

Social media is available in almost every pocket like an ID card, and it is very easy to access and share these channels, but it is also easy to create and share content in uncontrollable order and thoroughly. Our primary goal is to share content that is respectful to human rights, has visual and auditory value and has been created with the most accurate methods in conveying emotions and thoughts and to develop an artistic perspective without any polluted information. Since social media has no graphic boundaries, it is vital to address it globally.


In this project our main objectives are to support use of digital technologies and innovative approaches. To raise conscious individuals in the use of social media (Short films about using social media will be shot during the project and these films will be available on project web page, blog and social network.) Surveys to be conducted at the beginning and end of the project to learn students' cognitive competences. It is equally important to teach how to use secure internet and to keep social media contents and accounts safe.

Our priorities have been chosen for the following reasons:
Digital era: Our project will contribute to disseminating our learning outcomes and will foster the use of innovative education approach and resources for educators and learners at all levels.

ICT-new technologies-digital competences: The project will ensure the use of the ICT and digital devices together. Students will create short films and learn how to upload them to social media (with subtitles ensuring their use for international audiences). This will contribute to their digital competences.